Official pet guidelines


For the safety of all attendees with and without fur, all dogs must be currently licensed with proof of their Rabies (if over 4 months of age), Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines.  Should an incident occur, you must be able to produce proof in a reasonable amount of time.

Leashes and collars

Retractable leashes and electric collars will not be allowed. Please keep your pup on a leash, no longer than six feet in length, at all times other than when in the fenced in Off-Leash, Lure Course or Ball Pit areas.

Reproduction status

Female dogs in heat are not permitted.

Pet waste

Please be sure to clean up after your dog. We’re watching with a drone. Just kidding! Bags are available free of charge at the B93.3 and OnMilwaukee tents.

Weather and temperature

Please use good judgment regarding the temperament of your dog so that this event will be safe for all attendees. We don’t want to have to put anyone in the dog house.