Free to attend, rain or shine.


All pets must be up to date on their vaccinations to attend. See our additional guidelines.

Upgrade your experience

Want more from Bark & BBQ? Upgrade from the free experience with a VIB package.

VIB Ticket – $35 – SOLD OUT

(Very Important Barker)


  • Enjoy activities prior to public opening with 1-hour early entry at 11 am
  • Appetizer buffet (11 am – 1 pm)
  • 2 free beverages of your choice (Adult or NA)
  • 1 H-D Museum admission ticket
  • 1 collapsible dog bowl
  • Treats from CBDelicacy
  • 1 Tito’s bandana
  • Choice of 1 Free Lure course run or Ball Pit ticket
  • 1 dog toy courtesy of

Sold out

VIB humans must be 21 years of age.

Our vendors

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Ball Pit – $7

Made possible by Camp Bow Wow. Proceeds donated to Friends of MADACC.

Lure Course – $7

Made possible by Central Bark. Proceeds donated to Friends of MADACC.

Halloween costume parade

Bring your dog dressed in their Halloween costume and participate in the costume parade at 2 p.m. hosted by Joe B from B93.3 and Molly Snyder from OnMilwaukee!

Pet Photo Booth

Hydration stations

Water bowls courtesy of NutriSource Pet Food will be located throughout the event.

BBQ Trucks

Great BBQ will be available for purchase, then vote for your favorite at the event.

More trucks coming soon.

Have a BBQ food truck and want to participate? Email